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E3 Approaches...Thing That Would Make E3 2011 Awesome

I did an E3 post a few days ago, but it was pretty long winded and was more publisher focused. This time, rather than be analytical of the publishers and companies, I am just going to keep it short and simple by creating a "wish list" of sorts. Some of these would be big surprises, some are things we kind of know about. Onward!

1. Microsoft and/or Sony mentions their next console.

I agree that the longer we can hold off on new hardware is better. But, it has been 5 years now, and we haven't heard anything from Microsoft and Sony. If they came on stage, did all of their game announcements, and then used their final 20 minutes to simply say, "Hey, here is what we have got so far. We want to release it next holiday, but here is a glimpse of the hardware and specs we have so far.", it would be amazing. They don't have to even have a name or official casing. Just a prototype would do. Thing is, with Nintendo dropping the details on their new console, Microsoft and Sony need to catch up. They don't even need playable demos; that could wait for next year. It would just be awesome to know that they are making progress.

2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS is also coming to "Project Cafe".

The only reason thus far that I want to purchase a 3DS is because OoT is my favorite game of all time. I spent countless hours on that game when I was younger, and for them to release that remake for their next home console would be outstanding. It wouldn't have to be a full-priced release. Maybe a $30-40 game. They updated graphics and new boss mode would be perfect.

3. "Agent" gets a gameplay demo at the Sony conference, and they say they are aiming for an early 2012 release.

With the way Rockstar handles their games, the release date probably isn't likely. They usually work on game for a good 2-3 years (or more) before dropping them. But they have also been pumping out spring games for 4 years now every April/May. I think Rockstar's best work is what they do outside of GTA, and this game has the potential to be a bombshell.

4. A surprise remake/reboot from Rare is announced at the Microsoft conference.

Rare has been under a lot of bad press lately, and Microsoft has been getting hit by people because of their apparent lack of holiday releases. I would love to see a Jet Force Gemini sequel pop up. It certainly sold well enough on the N64 to have an audience. I would also not be opposed to a Perfect Dark reboot. So many people loved that game, and when Perfect Dark Zero was screwed up, people moved away from the series. There is still an audience, though, and a reboot would do wonders for that franchise, so long as it was done by someone who actually knew how to do modern day FPS. Another Viva Pinata would also be loads of fun, and, for an even BIGGER reboot, I would like to talk to you about a little game called Killer Instinct...

5. Grand Theft Auto 5 does not get announced, but rather another Rockstar project does.

Let's face it: GTA is getting old. Very few franchises can pull off a fifth installment, and even fewer people actually finish a GTA game. I have personally loved all the new content flowing from Rockstar in the past 2-3 years. They are great are engaging storylines and vivid open worlds, and I would love to see them decide to flesh that out in another new, interesting IP rather than just crank out another GTA game.

6. A big new Sony surprise!

This could be a number of things. It could be a PS3 Patapon game. a Syphon Filter reboot, Sly 4, a new Jak and Daxter game, or even getting to showcase Respawn's new project (which could happen, as EA would love to throw that up on Sony's stage hours after Activision shows of Modern Warfare 3 at Microsoft). Anything of those would be spectacular. Also, how about another new "Play. Create. Share." title? Sony has a lot of potential to drop a surprise this year and steal the show.

7. Nintendo also has a big shiny surprise.

Again, I would love to see one of my favorite properties get shown off. Even if a reboot didn't come until the "Project Cafe" was launched, it would still be very welcome. I would enjoy a new F-Zero game, a new Star Fox title, a Star Wars Rouge Squadron sequel, or Viewtiful Joe 3. Those would all be just excellent.

8. Contra...in 3rd Person!

Imagine a Gears of War-like game, except it is Contra. Same over the shoulder, 3rd person gameplay. But with Contra. Oh my...

9. Timesplitters 4

Anyone who played one of the first three games would be foaming at the mouth if this got announced.

10. Valve.

...they have something. They always do. Sure, they may not be at the conference, but they have all the power in the world to show a trailer at the Sony or Microsoft press conferences.

There ya have it. My hopes and dreams all flailed out all over the internet. If even half this list came true, no one will hear from me again because I will probably have had a stroke. It would be an overload of excitement.
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