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Disposable Rumours: Playstation NGP renamed as 'Vita'


Have you heard this?
The SONY PlayStation NGP (Next Generations Platform/Portable) is now called 'Vita'.

Now lets be honest, whatever this new portable dream machine is, it isn't a PSP 2. PSP has seen four alterations to it's primary form since it's inception in the handheld market in late 2004 and early 2005, respectively. The first form of PSP was a bulky, heavy, and power draining device. The second iteration of the PSP, the 2000 series, was a little lighter, a little brighter, a tad better on the power draining side of things, and had the ability to utilize component and AV cable hook-ups through a proprietary port, which required proprietary cords and could display the PSP visuals on any compatible monitor or screen. While the third iteration of the PSP, the 3000 series, had the inclusion of a microphone, some superficial changes to the device, and most notably a new compact LCD technology that delivered a more vibrant and wide color spectrum with less power drain. PSP 4, or PSP Go was an all-digital platform stripped down around the edges. Figuratively and physically the PSP Go stands more as a prototypical experiment platform to evaluate the potential of all digital markets in gaming. The all-digital-market however was found to be not yet entirely feasible. As such PSP Go has slow and ever ceased production in many countries.

Because of these models of of the PSP platform it can be said that irregardless as to what this new PlayStation branded handheld is called, it can be easily seen that it is not a PSP 5, or even PSP 6, if you would consider the Xperia Play as a PSP platform, which it is not. As odd as this may seem, this logic is inaccurate. As the previous models of the PSP simply added to the concept of the original PSP system. While each model series added new features and functionality, they did little to alter or upgrade the core components of the original PSP. The new handheld takes the concept of the original PSP and adds incredibly design, functionality, features, and component upgrades. As essentially every aspect of the PSP is realized and upgraded in the new platform, whatever the name might be, it can be called PSP 2.

NGP had a nice ring to as a 'next generation platform', although it is a name that would be lost in obscurity with further iterations of handheld devices, understandably. The new name, Vita, raises some questions. Is this a console pet name, like dolphin or revolution, or cafe? What kind of spin are they going to put on the name at E3 2011 if it sticks? If indeed the PSP 2 is called 'Vita' officially what does it stand for, and what can we come to expect from it?

I am interested to hear from the Dtoid CBlog community.

What do you think of the name 'Vita'?
What would you call it if you had the choice, and, why would you call it that?
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