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Quick Update: Terrible Read

Hey guys I'm back again. I've been extra busy lately and decided to give you guys an update, before your memory of me completely disappeared.

I've been having troubles with bills and such, as two of my rommates moved out, because they got married(don't worry, they're a guy/girl, not that there's anything wrong with gay marriage >.>). So, to cover this months rent I had to sell my 3DS. Although, I'm sure to have it back by July, I am deeply saddened, even though it got very little use.

In other news, I got a job, which has been taking up a lot of my free time. I work at a bestbuy as the cashier guy, no big deal. On top of that, the summer program at school started on Tuesday, I have a 2 hour class every morning on the weekdays. It's a darn shame. That's 10 hours of my day dedicated to work. With my much needed 8 hours of sleep, I've only got 6 hours of gaming, eating, socializing, internetting and blogging. So, I had to eliminate one of these: blogging. Fret not, this stoppage isn't permanent, you'll get to see me embarrass myself with poor writing on a regular basis soon enough.

In terms of gaming, I've done my usual Summer schedule; Super Mario Sunshine and my backlog. Playing Super Mario Sunshine at the start of June has been a ritual of mine since 2004 and I must say, with all modesty, I've gotten pretty damn good. I started today, got 40 shines so far. The game is still as fun as ever. No matter what the haters say, Mario will always be my go to franchise for definite fun. The games all seem to be timeless(except SM64), sure their graphics can't keep up, but the gameplay can go head to head with any and all current platformers. I guess that doesn't say much though, the genre has diminished greatly over the past few years.

I also played through and completed LBP2 and Ratchet and Clacnk: Crack In Time. The former sucked and the latter was great. That is all.

In more recent gaming, I also got my hands on Portal 2. I found the singleplayer to be... lacking. Sure, chapters 3, 7 and 8 were great, but the rest felt just like filler to me. A lot of them didn't even have puzzles... On the other hand, I did really enjoy the humour of the game, and I was always entertained, so I'd give the single-played an 8/10. As for the multi-player, I thought it was terrific. Playing with a friend is fun enough on it's own, but rarely do you see co-op this well designed. There's no filler parts like in the singleplayer, it's just test upon test, upon test. It's one of the best gaming experiences to date it is very much Portal 2's saving grace, a perfect 10/10 from me.

Well, yea, I'm still here. Sorry for an all time low in quality, but I'm very tired and didn't have much to say anyway. I'll get more active around E3.
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