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Dtoid On JTV: MASH TacticS - Get On My Tiny Horse


Once again, I bring you the best of the best from Destructoid's official live-stream channel. The past week of MASH TacticS has been riddled with appearances from a special little character. Apparently he is the power behind Nintendo's new console. Can such a powerful creature be reined in... without looking absolutely ridiculous?

Monday's Mash Tactics was ground-breaking, as Jon Carnage and Pico Mause leaked Nintendo's new "Cafe" well before it's official reveal.

Pico innocently rides the Tiny Horse in celebration of reaching the day's goal of new followers. It only looks strange because you have a dirty, filthy mind!

Jon reveals that he is a man, he will do the right thing, he will take care of Tiny Horse. Pico has other ideas...

You can check out all of Destructoid's past broadcasts here. Be sure to check out the channel, where we have 38+ hours of programming every week, and viewer interaction is key. justin.tv/Destructoid

We are always looking for new content! If you would be interested in broadcasting a program on Destructoid's channel, please email me at [email protected] or Pico Mause at [email protected]!
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