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Wait, Communicast is getting a second season?


Remember that show we used to do? You know, the one with where people came on and we all used to tell jokes and laugh awkwardly? Well it's coming back. That's right, the show that nearly 4 people mourned is back from the dead, and we're looking for help!

For those of you who don't know the Communicast is a weekly podcast that is all about the community. Each week a few members of the community come onto the show and we all talk about things that have been going on in our lives and around the community.

We had some awesome guests last season (and Hamza) and we always need new ones! One of the reasons behind our break was that our cast-list was stagnating. This is the part where you look down at yourself and ask "But what can I do to help this noble endeavor? Should I give them money? Maybe buy them all of the cocaine they can snort?" Look no further kind sir, this is how you can make this possible!

I've always known that the Communicast would either be great or complete shit depending on how much the community could get behind it. So we need a few things from you lovely people: First of all, how did you like last season? (Tell us it was shit!) What do you want us to keep? (i.e. Keep everything but the host, he was annoying) Are there things you want us to do on air? (Want us to talk about that time our uncles touched us as children?) Was there something that you didn't like? (Again, remove that host even though he was very handsome.)

Secondly, the Communicast is a bit like a gang. We need extra thugs to roll with. This is where you guys come in. Unless you are a horrible troll we want you on the show. We aren't horribly picky about who gets on, so you will probably make it on the air you mouth-breathing idiot. Maybe I shouldn't insult the people who we need to make this show happen... Let's re-try that one: If you want to be on the show we will give you complementary blowjobs! And sushi! And a coupon for a half-price haircut!..... and..... boners?

So if blowjobs, sushi, cheap haircuts, and boners are your thing you should let us know! There are a myriad of ways you can do this, but the best way to let us know what you think is in the comments here. If you happen to know one of the other ways you can use those, but it's probably best if you leave comments for the sake of science.

So have at it lads'

Also, Cocks
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