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Fistfights in the Conservatory

Iím just going to keep punching you in the face until I win. Failing that, youíre going to get shot in the stomach. Itís nothing personal, thatís just how we do things around here. Okay, we can talk a little first, maybe even negotiate a peaceful solution. Then Iím going to punch you in the face.

You might have noticed that thereís a lot of violence in video games.

Iím not referring to the usual macho bloodfests which come up in these discussions - the Gears of Duty: Call War Splatterhouse Electric Chainsaw Boogaloo Bullet Edition type of game that appeals to the repressed, psychotic 12 year old boy in all of us - because we all know those are stupid. Theyíre over the top and way too violent and thatís why they exist - so people can do stupid, violent and anti-social things they normally arenít allowed to (or donít want to) do. Iím not opening that can of veiny man-worms. No. This is about misplaced violence. Sometimes youíre happily playing a game - running, or building, or talking to NPCs - when suddenly youíre fighting. Fighting for your life. Fighting because someone didnít like your shirt. Fighting to get from A to B. And it feels weird, because just a moment ago you were playing a game about dispelling political tension in a medieval city-state. Or maybe itís much worse. Maybe you didnít even notice, because youíre so used to every game kicking and punching that you just expect it now, to hell with context.

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