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Myself and Water Levels in Games

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention, this, like my last post, was copied from my personal blog, go take a look, there's a new address so the old won't work. http://azzelog.wordpress.com/ )

Recently, Iíve noticed, that with a lot of people, they will stop playing a game for a single reason, a simple, not-really-worth-to-stop-playing reason. Even though I technically do exactly that when thereís a water level, I donít understand why someone would do that.
Itís like if, you lost a match on lets say, Street Fighter, are you going to stop playing the game simply because you lost one match? Was it really that big of a deal? Of course not, youíre going to try and over come that disappointment, youíre going to continue playing until youíve gotten good enough to beat the sore winner jerk who beat you.

So whatís this gotta do with water, Azze? Whatís this gotta do with youíre post, Azze? WHATíS THIS GOTTA DO WITH ANYTHING, AZZE?! IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING. ( Oooookay sorry about that. ._. )

What Iím saying is that people give up on games too easily, they donít try hard enough, when they lose on level, they donít get back up on that sexy piece of a horse and try again, and what Iím trying to REALLY say is that I need to get over this stupid water crap so that I can continue reading, or watching, or playing something that is good, and not just throw it down because water turns me off of things. I need to learn how to deal with this. And to get to the bottom of why water turns me off of things, SO I ASK YOU. HELP ME. GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO GET RID OF THIS, THING. HALP.

P.S. This was written at 4 am, so if itís junky, please excuse me.
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