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Retro Rant - Megaman 1 - Part 1

New episode of Retro Rant is up! Also we're currently searching to be picked up for talent.

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About retrorantone of us since 6:55 PM on 05.10.2011

Ericd is the Writer, Editor, Creator and narrator of Retro Rant. The twenty year old nerd-raging gamer is a college student at CCRI and has been aspiring to work in the film industry for the past four years ever since he created his First Film . A true nihilist who only sees the world of gaming half empty�and the other half full of E.T 2600 cartridges.

Scottg is the Illustrator and Guest Ranter of Retro Rant. Also a twenty year old gamer who attends USC. Scott has a knack for flash animation and has been studying game design for a number of years. He�s also been known to play lead in the majority of Ericd�s independent, zero budget films. A partner in crime and one of the major inspirations behind