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Body Mods in Deus Ex: Human Revolution And Bionics: In Reality!

The Deus Ex cyberpunk series has always had this incredible outlook of the future, albeit a dystopian outlook, but a very speculative and in many ways optimistic view of sciences, and where modern science may be leading us.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution seems to be asking many moral questions about body modification. Specifically in this case extreme modification specifically centered around self amputation, simply for the technological opulence that bionics can bring.

The feux website for Serif, the fictional company in Deus Ex: Human Revolution that stands as the worlds leading edge corporation in the field of biotechnology, robotics, and prosthetics. Serif's website can be found here.

This arm here is developed by a Scottish company.

It seems many of these questions moral or otherwise are coming up within reality, in the present. A boy from Serbia, opted for the amputation of his hand so that he might be outfitted with a bionic one. After years of failed attempts to revive his right arms nervous system after a motorcycle accident in 2001 crippled his arm. Nerves were transplanted from his leg to his shoulder which revived some paralysis in his elbow and forearm, sadly his hand remained paralyzed.

After the operation that removed his paralyzed hand, he had specially selected sets of nerves from other parts of his body, put into what would become the nub of his forearm and up-link to his new bionic hand. Through these nerves mechanical sensors detect bio-electric signals that will move his hand.

This model is known as the 'i-LIMB created by Touch Bionics.'

Milo came out of the nerve transplantation only May of 2011. He will be the second person to receive this new model of bionic hand made by Otto Bock the German prosthetics company that is making this incredible device.

The first patient was this man:

Twenty four year old Patrick, a boy from Australia who had a terrible accident at work which electrocuted his hand so badly all of his fingers had to be removed, was the first to undergo the nerve transplant operation to be outfitted for the ground breaking bionics made by Otto Bock. How does it look on him?

This is truly ground breaking science at work here. Progress is being made in leaps and bounds and this technology will only get better as time goes on.

So the question remains;

Anyone else pumped for Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
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