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DLC Review: Bioshock 2 Protector Trials


Bee's and Drills, typical night in Rapture

Included in this DLC are 18 basic trials and 6 bonus trials accoss 6 enviorments. Every level has 3 unique trials tied to it and one bonus trial that allows you to go wild with all the plasmids and weapons availible to you.Those looking for some brand new enviorments to fight through, look elsewhere. All the enviorment are taken straight from the main game with only slight changes and the introduction of health stations and vending machines in every area.

Each trial essentially starts the same way. Tenenbaum calls you over the radio telling you to preotect the little sister while she harvest some adam to use against Lamb. Once you gain control you will most likely survey the enviorment and hack the vending machines to gain a slight advantage over the enemy. Once you put down the little sister to harvest, the fight begins. Soon splicers will pour out from all corners of the enviorment in an effort to stop the little sister from harvesting. Every kill automatically grants you money to use to buy ammo and healthpacks throughout the trial. Every 10 seconds of so your little sister will harvest a little adam and her multiplier will increase. In order to keep that multiplier you must ensure that she is never attacked directly. Here the core gameplay of Bioshock 2 comes into play and you will find yourself frantically killing enemies in the hope of a few seconds reprieve to run to the vending machine for much needed ammo and health packs. At the end of every trial you will be awarded a grade based on how much adam your little sister was able to harvest. It isn't to hard to get an A rank though, so the rating system is somewhat lost in the shuffle.

Bioshock 2: Protector Trials is a suprisingly solid piece of DLC. It takes the core gameplay and uses the arena setting to enhance it, to make it more frantic and fun. You will get about 2 hours of gameplay total with each trial lasting approximately 5 minutes. For 400 MS points, I'd say you can't go wrong.

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