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See that price. It's the price of Minecraft right now. It's a price that is plaguing my head at the current moment. I have more than $21.95. Still, it seems like a lot of money for a game that is not even finished. So let me give you some background on me first so you can relate.

Im a college student with a job. I love video games. The last 3 months I've poured a ton of money into video games. Im like a little kid in a candy shop, but this candy shop has $0.05 candy and I have $50.00 to spend. In the last month alone I purchased Mortal Kombat, Brink, Team Fortress 2, Dragon Quest 9 and found a renewed passion for Magic the Gathering. I think it is safe to say I've got stuff to keep me occupied.

So back to Minecraft. I played this game for a very brief period of time about a year ago. I played it by myself, It was very fun creating stuff but had nothing much more to offer because I never hooked up with other people. Back then the price of the game was $14 something. The only thing that kept me from buying the game then was that I had no job. Flash forward to last night. I was sitting on this very site and I saw that Jordan Devore posted his blog about Minecraft possibly getting sky dimensions. I clicked on the link to see the (ATM) small thumbnail picture in a larger setting. For some reason everything I had remembered about the game had gone through a car wash and came out looking even more squeaky and clean then before. As crazy as it sounds the shadows that were on the textures baffled the hell out of me. My major is game design so small stuff like this intrigues me. It took the game to even greater heights. FUCKING SHADOWSSS!!!!!AA Today I spent a good 15 minutes looking a pictures of the game and studying what has changed since I last played. After 2 hours of deliberations between myself I decided, hey I got the money maybe its time to pay for this game! I scurried over to the Minecraft cite and quickly found the price had gone up from $14 something to $21.95. Almost a whole $7 dollar leap. At that point a bomb went off in my head. The mushroom cloud was made of the words, food, gas, food, transportation, consumable edible products, means of going from one place to another, clothes??, food. AHHHHRRRRGGGG!!!!!!! Should I pay $21.95 for this monster of a game? I have the money. Hell even this time around I have people to play it with. But food and gas is so frigging expensive. Do I really want to live off of $30.00 for the next week. I still have to play through Mortal Kombat. I still have to play through Team Fortress 2 and Bri...No I beat Brink. Im at a crossroads. A common one between gamers I think. What should I do? Buy Minecraft or wait till next paycheck.(pending May 21st is not the end of the world.)

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