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LA Noire: The Rebirth of Mainstream Adventure Gaming


Syberia: Occasionally frustrating, yet gorgeous all around.

These frustrations have long been a synonymous with adventure gaming. On some level I have to grit my teeth and prepare myself for the aggrevation that I am sure is to follow whenever I boot up a new one. And at the same time it is these frustrations that most people characterize the genre with.

LA Noire has created the perfect fusion of traditional adventure gaming hidden within this persona of being a AAA title (of genre indeterminate if you look at the advertising). Hell, this game needs to wear its genre on its sleeve. As of now, in my mind at least, it is at the vanguard of what is sure to be a renaisance of games along this vein. The IPs that can work in this format and in no other are numerable. The content exists, and I don't think that they all need the same budget as this game.

If you're on the fence with this game, take the chance pick it up. And then try out some other adventure games too.
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