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Getting my Witcher 2 on!

Well no Eve for a while. Been hitting World of Warcraft with a friend at work. We have blasted our way up to level 30 in a couple of weeks. He heals as a priest and I tank with a Paladin. We do pretty good but we are on break for a little bit and playing our own things.

Now that PSN is back. My girlfriend and I are playing through Portal 2. We have managed to get to Test Chamber section 3 with the light platforms before annoyances have risen between us (annoyed phone calls or her trying to explain something when I think we need to do something else). She hasn't got a headset and I figured it would be best not to use mine on my PC as I could imagine her just rage quitting over what I might say. But I think the next few sessions to finish off the coop may tip me over the edge. :P

But since getting my cheap as fuck copy of The Witcher 2. I have started to sink my teeth into it. Last night I had a quick play and quickly learnt that clicking on the first option mentioning a dragon is a bad idea. Not only does it plonk you in at a bad time in the story, it puts you in a section that's kinda hard even after playing the game for a hour or so.
So this morning I started again and played from the titties... I mean the start! I also cranked the graphics from being set for a medium spec PC to a high spec PC and I have to admit the improvements to graphical quality does show. Although I knocked motion blur off as that annoys me. But the graphics are impressive to say the least. Exiting the tent at the beginning to get the bright sun before regaining your sight to see the war camp in the sun. It shows you that it isn't a piss about war. It's a bloody siege on a castle!

Now from the beginning there is the casual showing of tits. I have to say it makes sense as where they are looks pretty fucking warm. I wouldn't wear a lot in bed either. Although Triss now looks a lot less like a street hooker and is magically looking and sounding younger. Just a surprise to me.
But for now I learned the basics as well as I could before getting into the action. I just get shit chatted to me by the soldiers that are preparing for an assault of a castle to get the Kings bastard children back to him. Good times!

Now the combat starts with you and a group of soldiers fighting another group. It's good to be told how your sword swings and how to parry when there's a lot of fodder to protect you. But the stop start of the beginning bit sort of annoyed me. Especially with a section of setting up a ballista. The game would have you tapping the mouse button to set up and then it would show enemy soldiers show up and I think it was doing it to let you learn how to fight better but it didn't have to be repeating itself 2 or 3 times.

As for the combat, it's pretty straight forward. Left mouse = slash. Right mouse = bigger slash. Space = roll about, e lets you parry and q allows you to use magic. The problem is that it never mentioned when you suffer fatigue from parring heavy blows and using magic. You can't parry any more! So you hit the key to parry and you just stand there. I only learnt that by chance. My other gripe is the parrying itself. You parry on the guy you are looking at have the focus indicator on him. The problem with that is that if some else attacks you then you have to move the mouse to look at him and parry. The indicator doesn't work that great to me. So sometimes I can parry a couple of hits and be ok or I parry the wrong person and get a sword in the face. By the end of the prologue I levelled up enough to unlock the fuck you parry system where you parry everyone around you. Best upgrade I got so far.
But as a whole combat feels a lot more engaging than it did in the original game. I can roll past a guy's swing and stab him in the arse like a pro and zap a guy with fire. It makes you feel like a badass when you get the hang of things. But I like the ctrl key quick menu where you can switch the spell you want to use. It doesn't pause the game but puts it into bullet time so you get a second or two but with dudes coming at you, make your choices quickly. Also fighting different soldiers show their different fighting styles. Dudes with shields block a lot and can bash you with their shield. Big armoured dudes like to swing their bastard swords a lot to hit you with a devastating swing. Simple guards usually go for quicker smaller attacks and don't parry much. It puts your fighting experiance to the test when the game throws a bunch of guys at you who fight in different ways. It does feel rewarding though when you cuts them all down.

The game does experience one bug I've encountered a few times in a game of this quality where a guy would walk about the spot he is meant to stand on. I had a guy walk into a door and going about in circles a few times before finding his spot to smash a gate down with his comrade.

As for the story of the game so far. I haven't finished the original Witcher (my PC can play it now so.. yeah working on it) but I was worried at the start I will have no idea what's going on. That's until the King told me why there was the war on. It's like the worse case scenario for royal asshats splitting up. I wish more Royal split ups have a civil war to settle who gets what. But seeing the battle from Geralt's memory is a pretty good way to kick off this game and now reaching Act 1. I'm looking forward to what this game has in store. I wished the tutorials took things a bit slower on some cases like explaining in better detail about parrying or even doing the freeze the game to perform the action would have worked better than to show a box to the right of what's going on with small text (it's small at 1920x1080 to me). Apart from the small gripes, it's a pretty solid game. I think CDProjekt have raised their game with this title.
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