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A Mercenary Attitude Towards Companionship


For me a companion needs to offer something that isn't a mechanic or a bland personality. I have no problem with the plethora of RPGs that require the hero to build a party. These companions are on equal footing with the hero, but still subordinate, they pull their weight and offer new avenues in the narrative and character development. Also, you usually get to treat your companions how you want. I love taking every opportunity to torture and torment them, then I get them to open up and then laugh at their hopes in and dreams. So I don't necessarily mind companions in games, but I want them on my terms. If that makes me a childish sociopath, then so be it.

With so many games containing at least one escort mission and quite a few built around it has anyone else been driven insane by incompetent or plain dull companions and strangled a kitten or punched an elderly person? I'm not saying I was driven to do either of those things.

Although I might be implying it.
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