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In which I double-post because an Indie Studio is awesome

Earlier today, in my manic drive to be THE contest guy on Destructoid, I contacted the head of Iridium Studio to purchase a large number of Sequence codes to hand out like candy to the Destructoid community. Sequence is an awesome game best described in the video below:

I made this gesture because I am awesome, and I like to support awesome things.

Of course, XBLIG isn't set up for handing out gift codes. Neither is XBLA, come to think of it. However, I didn't know this when I asked Iridium Games for codes to hand out. Yet Jason Wishnov, the guy who made Sequence and a classy individual all around, decided to grace me with five codes just because I'd asked for a bunch.

I've sent codes to the following five individuals, courtesy of Jason Wishnov. And I'm hoping that these people will grace the game with a review or blogpost of some sort, since I'm pretty sure Generous Jason parted with some of his scant supply of review codes to give me five.

And the recipients are thus:

-Occams electric toothbrush

Originally, my intent was to purchase thirty to fifty Sequence codes from Iridium at full price instead of getting five codes for free. So I had to be a little more choosy.

However, if any of these folks have no use for the code, I'll be posting it on a first-come, first-served basis.

And should I be able to purchase Xbox Live codes for the game or it be released on Steam as the studio intends, I'll have a bunch of codes ready to give away. Thirty to Fifty codes, to be exact.

And should Iridium Studio need another kickstart donator, you can expect to see me at the top of the list. Jason Wishnov is as fine an individual as you'd care to meet, and his classy ass can count on my full support whenever he next decides to produce a game, whatever it may be.
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