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Dear Brink,

You are half a game. What happened to your single player? What happened to character development and cohesion?

Maybe it's asking too much to have every FPS that has a well-rounded multiplayer to have a foundational campaign similar in breadth and detail as Halo: Combat Evolved. Brink, you know what you remind me of? Red Faction Armageddon. Except at least that game is taking a shit on already established and elaborated upon political plot lines. You're just making yours up on the spot, putting a gun in my hands and telling me to step behind the yellow line. Pick door number one or door number two. You scream, "I won't do it." I reply, "This is bullshit." you tell me, "You have to pick because I say so.". And if I ask what I'll be fighting for you just say, "To fight." to which I reply, "Jenga. Rambling idiot with a tattoo of a mango.".

Brink, you know what would have made you eleven times better? A cohesive single player campaign that tied the multiplayer maps together and created story centric events through the challenges and trials. You're an online version of 'The Club' with class based objectives.

If there is a Brink 2 it had better have a subtitle to it. Brink: The Ark Wall or something.

Some guy from some place that played you like a fish bone guitar.

I want Brink to have what it doesn't and I can think of too many ways to improve upon it. If it can be said about lovers, can it be said about games? Don't make something into what it isn't. That's what I do when I play this. I want it to be more than what it is. It's aggravating that the mechanics are there but the substance isn't. It's strange but I would say the best way I can describe how I feel about this game is like this;

You know how some people or perhaps even yourself at one time, found a container and thought you should keep it. Something like a mint tin or a small jar and you couldn't really put your finger on what it was that compelled you or compelled others to keep this seeming useful thing around.

Yeah, Brink is like that. I look at it like its a small empty jar.

Side question:

What the fuck is with Team Fortress, Brink, Modern Warfare, Ghost Recon, and many other games that have some form of character creation without the choice of a female form? Why couldn't Brink have females in it? When I first saw the character creation I thought, maybe they'll be in latter. No, no females were not added latter. It's an island full of muscly lanky dudes. WTF?!
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