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The Will of the Many, the Rights of the Few, and the Abuse of BobVance

The United States is a great nation because it is a nation of laws. The Constitution both empowers these laws and protects us from their abuse. And the First Amendement is the most stalwart of defenders when it comes to beating back tyranny and oppression.

Unfortunately, this past week Destructoid became a dangerous place to speak one's mind. When a certain BobVance was banned after his post recieved upwards of 50 comments in under an hour, one thing was clear: justice had gone vacation, liberty was MIA, and the power to silence and destroy was unleashed with ferocious indifference.

As I recall, Bob had some not so nice things to say about the Wii. How could anyone point out that the Wii is by most accounts a less than mediocre system? How controversial and trollish to do so. And in only one short paragraph? Blasephemous! Outrageous! Off with his head!

And so as the vitriole spewed forth, with commentators sexually harrasing the blogger with an ire not often seen in print. Foul language was afoot. And yet who was cast out from the D-toid kingdom? Why Mr. Vance of course. Rather than castigate the caustic antics of those other commentators, the invisble but eternal D-toid gods sentenced Senor Vance from this realm, never to return.

And for what? For pointing out a generally acknowledged point in an immature and sheepish manner? For being the target of insult and and undue rage? The D-toid community can not control themselves so the village idiot must be cast out into the cold to die a quick and untimely death?

Alas it is apparently so. I only hope that if I perchance make such inane and childish blog posts as are regularly featured under the Fail heading, I too will not be made an example of.

Here's to you BobVance, for speaking your mind, and letting us know what happens to innocent fools when words are no longer free.
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