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Review: Moon Diver


Moon Diver is a 2D side scrolling action game that was published on the PSN March 2011 followed by XBLA in May 2011 by Square Enix. Created by feelplus, the company that will be bringing 'No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise' to the PS3. This is the perfect time for this developer to flex their creative muscle in terms of what kind of quality they can turn out for the latest generation of consoles.
Unfortunately, Moon Diver does not stand as an example of talent. By anyone in any department in the company. The people behind the feelplus company have undoubtedly failed at securing any sense of trust in the quality of their game development. Things are not looking too good.

As it stands, Moon Diver is more of a nod to classic 2D side scrolling action games, which were rampant on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. It is a nod to a long dead era in video games, more so than a next generation title. Visually it is not impressive and gameplay wise, it is stagnant and boring. Within the first fifteen minutes of playing, you will have had any nostalgic-bygone era feeling, that the games basic mechanics mean to convey. When that sensation is over, so is any sense of excitement for this game. After that initial fifteen minutes you will be wondering when the game will be picking up in some way. However, it does not.

Any cinematic in the game is essentially a slide show. Generic anime-inspired artwork depicting the games characters in various poses with facial expressions that convey varying degrees of anxiety fade in and out on the screen. Text scrolls and fades on the screen with incredible dramatic intent. Nothing about this game is dramatic in any way. The slide shows do not even follow a clich�. Just bright coloured words fade in and out or wipe form right to left, and cut to more images of anime characters. Then you get back to the game.

The story, which is about some kind of ultimate resurrection of evil, is forgettable and unimportant as the bulk of the game is walking left to right, pressing the attack button as enemies appear, literally. Enemies pop up from purple clouds and you jump or run right at them and hit attack. Damage by an enemy attack in most cases a projectile, is little more than a half-second break from the overbearing monotony of the gameplay. Health pickups appear to be dropped by every third enemy. Making mortality a non-issue subsequently removes any sense of tension from the gameplay.

It looks like a cross between Donkey Kong and City Connection, as an action game Moon Diver has as much action as Miner 2049ner. Moon Diver was published by Square Enix, Square soft and Enix, both companies known for quality games, merged to create a super giant of a corporation, and then go on to publish this crock, with what appears to be absolutely no discretion at all.

Download the demo today! Then delete it and never speak of it again. If you like it, I want to hear from you. I want to know why you liked it. I can't find one redeemable quality in this game. So if you find one, please share it.
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