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Deadpool took my virginity, advice needed (NVGR)

I bet it happened so much sooner for most of you guys, I know that most people lose it when they are teenagers, trying to experiment with new ways of pleasures. But here I am now 20 years old and afterwards Iím thinking, why didnít I do this sooner? There was no holding out for the right one, and who cares if people have stupid prejudices against it? I just needed the courage to go out there and do it, and Iím so happy that I did. Iím of course talking about my comic book virginity.

Anyhow here I am now left craving for more so I thought there might be some comic book enthusiasts here over at Destructoid, if so I would very much appreciate tips on where and what to buy next, my friend told me about Dark avengers and it sounded cool, but Iím open for anything from manga to weird humorous stuff like Ghostworld, go wild! And also, where should I buy them from? I live in Sweden and the only source here in my small town is a book store and I guess that they only have the newest stuff in stock, and they are pretty pricy too. My copy of Deadpool costed me 29 $ and thatís not counting the 20% off I got on it. Can you get them cheaper online or something or how does it work?

So thatís it comic book fanís! Now flex your huge knowledge muscles and show me a world full of wonders!

Oh , I also said hellow over at Dtoid's film crazy sister site, http://www.flixist.com you can read it here, I guess I'll start writing a Dtoid soon, but first I want to cook up something cool for this months montly musing , I've got a twin brother after all, so my whole life has been at least in some sense a 2 player game! PRESS START GOD DAMN IT!
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