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Terrible Tuesday [NVGR] [And sort of NSFW] [Also, kinda fail?]

Good god, what a day. I hate Tuesdays. They are, far and away, the worst day of the week, and are the worse for the lack of acknowledgement they receive on that front. They have almost all of the raw drudgery of a Monday, but with a cloying air of meekness. Worse still, they do all of this without the buffer of weekend rest that Monday has the dignity to afford. Tuesdays fill me with a tired resent.

And today, what a day. Did you see the blogs? Gads. That was a mess. Spammers and trolls devalue the blogs and frankly, can end up devaluing those of us who dog them, a group I won't deny my place in. Our Domo-loving dynamo, the one and only Funktastic, will sagely remind us time and again that we shouldn't feed the gunk of the internet. That said, no one can deny the spectacle of the thing. The cybernetic tiger shark has swept the whole thing into Davy Jones' locker by now and thank goodness for that, but it's still kind of a shame to miss the pictorial deluge of the swarming community.

Come, take a walk with me.

You know the face of the fail blog.

Luckily, we have a team of top men armed to the teeth with a means of fighting back.

The fight might be tough.

But the rewards are great.

Let's end this with a dance.

I probably missed a bunch of pictures. About half the fail blogs seemed to be completely wiped off the face of the earth and I had to go by the comment feeds of the most likely suspects. Also, apologies if this doesn't play out as well as I'd intend.
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