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Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time

Making a top ten list of my favorite games has always been a hard thing for me to do. I've never thought of my favorite games in a list from 10 to 1. They've always been just a jumble of favorites. But I will have this no more! After hours of speculation I have finally put my favorite games into a list. I now present you my top ten favorite games.

10. Star Fox 64
If you walk into my room right now and look on the shelf where I have all my gaming systems, you'll see Star Fox 64 in my Nintendo 64. I've played the game so many times that my friends watch me in awe as I shoot the crap out of bosses within seconds. The main reason I want a 3DS is for the eventual re-release of Star Fox 64.

I seriously had this on VHS... I wonder if Reggie ever parachutes into work.

9. The Beatles Rock Band
I love the Rock Band series. Back when the game first came out I could tell that there was something special about Rock Band. And it wasn't because of the extra instruments. It was because you could tell that Harmonix enjoyed music, and took great care in releasing their games. So when news hit that both Activision and MTV/Harmonix were going after the rights to The Beatles music for a game, I got a little worried at who would end up on top. I felt that if Activision got it, it would be just another game they shit out to try and make money. Thankfully MTV got the rights, and Harmonix made an amazing game worthy of the Beatles music. The only reason I chose The Beatles over Rock Band 3 is because The Beatles is my second favorite band ever, and I feel the game did them justice.

Seriously. This opening is just amazing.

8. Shadow of the Colossus
I played Ico on a whim because it was a game I barely heard about, but what I did hear was good. Ico was a great game and I loved it. Then came Team Ico's next game, Shadow of the Colossus. Damn. Having to fight giant beings by climbing up them and stabbing the shit out of them was never so satisfying, probably because it was never done before (as far as I know). I'm really looking forward to the HD re-release on the PS3. I want a PS3 just for that and The Last Guardian.

So awesome.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This was a hard choice. I knew I wanted a Zelda game in this spot, but I couldn't quite pick which one. I chose Ocarina of Time mainly because of the memories I have of it. The first time I had ever stayed awake over 24 hours was thanks to Ocarina of Time (not playing the entire time, mind you). Ocarina was just such a memorable game. I'm really looking forward to the 3DS re-release of the game.

So pretty.

6. Kingdom Hearts
I remember first hearing about Kingdom Hearts in an issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. "Final Fantasy and Disney mixing together? That looks stupid." Boy was I wrong. I played the game at a friend's house once and I freaking loved it. Shortly after I went out and bought the game, and Kingdom Hearts is now one of my favorite game series of all time. I just wish Square Enix would stop shitting out prequels to the sequels to a prequel's sequel about what Roxas ate for dinner one night and give us Kingdom Hearts 3.

It was tacos from Taco Bell.

5. Portal 2
Too soon? I'm not thinking so. Portal 2 was such a fun experience. I laughed a lot because of the stellar writing and voice acting, and enjoyed every minute of gameplay, both single player and co-op. There's not much else I can say about the game that you probably already haven't heard. I'm really looking forward as to how Portal will connect more with the Half-Life series.

We need more of this.

4. Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers is the game that got me into video games. I (barely) remember back when my aunt bought an NES and Mario Brothers. I used to sing along to the theme song while she and her friends played. And then I got old enough to play for myself. To this day I can sit down and play Super Mario Brothers and still be thoroughly entertained. I can't say that for many other older games.

I also can't say this movie is good.

3. No More Heroes 2
"The Wii is just for kids. It doesn't have any games for the 'hardcore'" I think people who say things like this have never played No More Heroes. NMH had great gameplay, but what I feel really seals the deal are the characters. Travis Touchdown is one of my favorite characters to date. And where No More Heroes did everything well, No More Heroes 2 topped it all. I remember coming home from work one day and seeing the teaser trailer for NMH2 that released at TGS. I nearly pooped with excitement. Here's hoping that we'll get No More Heroes 3 sooner than later. Until then, Shadows of the Damned will help with the wait.


2. Half-Life
I talked about the original Half-Life a bit in my last blog post. So to spare me from typing most of that again, I love Half-Life. Black Mesa was a very lively atmosphere with a great story. Almost as good as...


1. Half-Life 2
I spent years full of delays waiting for it. It was the first game I felt the need to request time off of work to play. I spent a few hundred dollars to upgrade my computer just to play it. Half-Life 2 was well worth the wait and effort. Walking through City 17 for the first and time seeing people living out their every day lives under the oppression of the Combine really immersed you into the story and world of Half-Life 2. Fast zombies and Ravenholm still scare the shit out of me. The gravity gun is one of the most kick ass weapons/tools in a game. I could go on and on. Episode 2 left us with a cliffhanger of an ending, and I want to see how it ends and what Aperture was up to with the Borealis. Valve, please. Let us have a new Half-Life announcement at E3 2011. PLEASE!

I imagine this is what Gabe does when asked about HL3/Episode 3.

It was hard to come up with just ten games because I've played and loved so many. Overall I'm satisfied with this list. Agree? Disagree? Have any favorite games of your own? Comment and tell me!
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