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dont even know

what the hell could i possibly talk about?
besides the fact that it can be extremely addicting, i tend to dream about being in the wasteland after i've played for too long,
so much to do, although i have this weird thinking that if i die, the game is over, and i'm not really sure why. i played dead money and it was alright, i didn't really care for the strange color that was caused by the toxic cloud, but i managed to only die once from the stupid bomb collar, and thanks to high speech i also managed to save dog/god, and the chick, can't remember her name right now cuz im so hungry im just thinking about food. anyways, i don't even know what im saying, im just rambling like usual. basically I LOVE FALLOUT. lol
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so i just wrote all this crap and then accidentally exited out of the page, so i don't really feel like writing it all again, not that i think anyone would read this anyways, i ramble too much.
how'd i get into gaming? my step-dad when i was five or six
favorites, [not going to list them all again] basically. mario is badass, dont hate me for liking cod, battlefield, heavy rain, all the fallout games, there's more, but like i said, i dont feel like writing it all again.
and i'm not playing anything right now, because i'm typing this. [duh]
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