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I Made an Oath

When I was just a wee lad in the first grade, I was assigned with making a life goal. Now, I didn't go with one of the usual goals; get rich, become the most smartest, become a better righter, or get married for money. No, I stuck to who I am as a person. It seemed, even as a snot-nosed 5 year old kid I still had my priorities straight. I drew a crude picture of me holding an uglier version of an N64 controller, and said "I want to become better at video games". This portrait has remained in my bedroom for the past 16 years, as a source of inspiration and a driving force in my gaming career.

This isn't the real deal, but it's a near duplicate. My camera phone wouldn't dare capture a laminated painting

So, a few days ago I cracked open my childhood favourite: Banjo Kazooie cartridge, and threw it in my N64. I looked at my childhood score. It was almost 17 hours to get just enough jiggies/notes to scrape by and defeat Grunty(I don't think I was able to, but I at least fought her). I took 4h:24m out of my uneventful Wednesday, and went for 100% completion of the game. It was done. Looking back at the oath I took, all I could say was, mission accomplished. However, this will be an ever-present goal, that will always be sought after. The best goals are goals that are never finished.

The reason I post this is because I haven't said much in the past few weeks, and wanted to show that I was still alive and well. I do find myself very busy trying to balance; sports, gaming, social outings, other interweb obligations and blogging, but I make a point of every day to spend at least 30 minutes reading your blogs. For the most part, you're all terrific writers(much better than myself), and I enjoy what you have to say. I'll try to start commenting on more blogs and whatnot, but I don't have much to add to a lot of these postings.

Thanks for reading.
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