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First Impressions: Section 8 Prejudice (PC)


There are so many neat aspects to S8P. I�ve already typed way more than I thought I would on the subject. I really just wanted to give a brief overview or �first impressions� of this really deep multiplayer experience. I probably took it a bit far, but this game has me really excited, and therefore really chatty. I don�t think it currently has a PC demo available, but if you�ve got an Xbox (lolPSN) go grab the demo and try it out. For $14.99 it�s a super affordable game that is easily worth every penny.

P.S. another neat feature is the stat portal, which tracks your stats and displays them on your own Section 8 Prejudice page. Here�s mine, because I want to show you how 1337 I am. http://s8pstats.timegate.com/pc/user/radiopools/
(At the end of Wednesday night I was easily in the top 5 in all aspects, even 1st in some, but I guess way more people started to play so my ratings went down. Sadface.)
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