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Dtoid on JTV: MASH TacticS 24-Hour Stream With High Voltage Software

24 hours of sleep-deprived hilarity. That's the only way I can describe the recent stream Destructoid's MASH TacticS did with High Voltage Software to celebrate the release of their latest title, Conduit 2. Jon Carnage and Pico Mause were flown out to do this epic stream from High Voltage's very offices in Illinois. Carnage, Pico, High Voltage staff, and Dtoid community alike played Conduit 2 and generally goofed around from noon on April 19th until noon the following day, live on Destructoid's Justin TV channel. As I mentioned, the event was open to the Destructoid community by RSVP. Chill Bros: Sculidrew, Philanthr0py, Falsenipple, and myself were lucky enough to attend and experience the awesomeness first-hand. Awesomeness like that time Carnage and Pico performed a re-interpretation of a scene from Conduit 2...

The Mash Tactics hosts were asked to perform a scene from Conduit 2. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage, narrated the scene and gave the actors their cues. Carnage and Pico happened to have some costume pieces with them. The lights were dimmed, and we were all treated to the theatrical wonder that unfolded.

You can watch all of Dtoid's previous broadcasts here, but I've assembled these highlights for your viewing convenience.

For the first time in the history of mankind, a game development company has given a media outlet an award. Eric Nofsinger presents Carnage and Pico with this prestigious award for Destructoid in honor of its achievements in awesomeness

Eric Nofsinger once again tells us how founder, Kerry Ganofsky, came to the name High Voltage for his company. But, you can only tell the same story so many times, so Eric decided to put a little extra flavor on it-- campfire story style.

Eric later continued his series of scary stories. In this harrowing tale, a girl prepares for a date. She wears her best blue dress. But things get sketchy. Could anything save this young girl? Perhaps a quality video game, in stores now?

By now you may be wondering, "What's up with this panda?!" Well, I now present you with the epic lore of the Nightmare Panda. First he was just a happy, playful cub. But like so many innocent things in this world, he was met with aggression.

The Panda then underwent a transformation, and started to show that it was a force to be met with fear. Jon Carnage's very life hangs in the balance at the whim of the Ghost Panda.

As the night went on, the malice that exists in all men's heart festered and fulminated in the Panda. That Panda became a nightmare. The sleeper has awoken. Nightmare Panda attacks. What power in the universe can save us?

As noon was approaching, we all shared a relieved jubilation. We had survived the Nightmare Panda. We had staved off sleep(mostly). We had had an awesome time playing Conduit 2 and hanging out with the viewers. Just when we thought it was the perfect ending to an awesome affair... tragedy struck.

That concludes just a sampling of the best moments of the historic stream. You can see the clips that didn't make the cut on my YouTube channel. For best results, don't miss a moment of the 40+ hours of weekly programming on Destructoid on JTV.
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