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Building a Better MineCraft...

-lifted from my website shoobop.com as it's one of the less 'rambling on about crap' things I've written-

If you've spent any time online but not only on Facebook (or even on there in some cases) you'll have heard of MineCraft, an endless (well, about 9 times the size of earth) world of cubes in which you have to mine, craft (kinda given away by the name) survive waves of monsters, and build up your base into something you can show off to friends. The game is fun, very fun. I've been running a server now for almost 4 months and I'm still having fun. That isn't to say the game is anywhere near perfection though.

Minecraft is riddled with floors, not to mention the speedy process of adding new features has now slowed down to a crawl. Where once it was infinitive new games in this fresh genera of True Sandbox are beginning to show their faces with better ideas, more stuff to do, and even in some cases trying to re-invent the concept in their own special way. So why don't we hear about these games?

Most never make it very far, not due to the "epic scale" of a project like this, from what I've seen if you have a clear grip on programming the core building blocks of a MineCraft game are not exactly rocket science. Most dwindle and die out due to a mindless fan base who are quick to jump on the YouTube comments or the forums to spout hate at a game for having a core concept similar to MineCraft. Fanboyism (isn't a real word but should be) is destroying keen developers motivation. Even when Notch himself (creator of MineCraft) openly promotes a game it gets shit from the MineCraft community who almost seem threatened by competition against their beloved game. The stupid thing is if more MineCraft clones came out which did more than MineCraft it's self it would force Mojang to pull their finger out and get some more content released to keep the game fresh.

So do any of these games push through to competition? We are about to see with the impending release of Terraria, a beautiful 2D True Sandbox game with not only the ability to mine, build, craft and fight monsters, but upgrades, a whole army of different monster types, insane power-ups and equipment and most awesome of all, Boss Monsters!

Terraria looks like it could re-invent the re-invention that Notch kick started over 2 years ago and I'm excited about it, so check out the trailer, watch the developers Let's Play (or the Yogscast one) and decide for yourself, and if you like the concept I hope you'll join me in playing when it comes out and supporting people who don't look at a game like MineCraft and think 'let's clone that' but think 'let's improve that'.

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