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It's Been a While

I moved out of my parents house three years ago. I had an interesting relationship with my parents, it certainly wasn't one you'd see on the teleovision. My parents were pretty cool and junk, and they'd occasionally share a gaming session with myself. They even set aside their Saturday mornings for a lengthy session of Dr Mario on the N64(without my supervision!).

My father is a child at heart, much like myself. He even wormed his way into one of my primary social circles(sort of). In the glorious years that were junior high, our summer schedule was run on routine. Come to my house, walk around, go home for dinner. Then, come back afterward and play a game of football or ball hockey. This is where my father comes in to play. He made quite an effort to get me into sports(and I thank him for that) and thus, he would play with my friends and I. The conversations held throughout the sporting events were generally just a string of sex jokes. And my father, being the experienced of the bunch, always had the best jokes. Thereby becoming almost friends with my friends. After copious amounts of physical activity, we'd all file into my abode for a glass of water and many rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee, or Mario Kart Double Dash. My papa would always watch us play a few rounds, then leave. He wouldn't dare touch a controller, for fear of losing his "My friends' cool dad" status, as he is the type of gamer that leans into his turns on a racing game, or moves the controller up and down when jumping, or can't find the "x" button.

One day! I walked in on him watching porn... I mean, playing Mario Kart. He told me he was training so he could compete with my friends during our cool-down gaming sessions. I decided to keep his secret, and even help him become a better gamer, because it would've taken a lot of hours to get on the level that myself and my friends were on(500+ hours on one game is what winners do, amirite?). Now, as I may or may not have mentioned, I already had a good relationship with mon papa, this only furthered it. A few months later, he was ready to enter the realm of competitive gaming. Needless to say, he lost almost every game, almost every time.

Since then he has really jumped into gaming, perhaps not at the level some of us are, but at a notable level. When I moved out he bought a PS3 of his very own. He is more or less a frat gamer(a gamer that spends much of his time on sports games and call of duty). Logging most of his gaming time on Gran Turismo 5(he bought the wheel and all that fancy shit).

You might be wondering where I'm going with this. Well, on the weekend I made the obligatory Easter visit(mainly just to watch the hockeys games(go Habs go!)) and he surprised me with two copies of Portal 2! One for me, and the other for himself, so we could play together. See, my father also happens to be a very intelligent man(gee, I like to toot his horn, I guess I take after my mother(gross)) that loves puzzles and physics, so this game was perfect for himus. I guess I've been living under a rock for the past week, but I just got home today and much to my surprise, PSN is down! Oh joy! PS3 only does: Homwewrecking
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