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Pre E3 2011 Thoughts

Now ladies and gentlemen I am a schmuck and a internet newfag. I used to spend all my time trolling around the baron land of mediocrity known as youtube. I used to spend time stalking prey, acting like a smug bollocks, being a pathetic human being etc. Yeah well I'm done with that shit, I'm turning over a new leaf, and that starts with doing blogs here on Dtoid. I love this website, it has everything a gamer like me could possibly want. Its a great source for gaming news. It has great video content. An a fat bloke named Jim who bitches about everything. WHAT MOAR COULD YOU WANT!?!11

But srsly this blog is my first. So if it sucks to you, feel free to rape me.

E3 is one of my favorite times of the year as a gamer its that point in the year where a bunch of great games and systems can be announced.

An example would be castlevania lords of shadow. That game had a huge amount of hype behind it and in the end because of that hype I only enjoyed it more.

From what I've heard the game will pick up 12 years after the second. It will also have flashbacks to explain the gaps and also explain how Max ended up in Sao Paulo.

James McCaffrey has been confirmed as Max's voice in the game (Thank god no one can voice Max like McCaffrey can) and its set for release sometime next year and I can't wait.

So yeah thats me done everyone. There are some other games I'll mention but only quickly.

Btw these are my dreams that will likely not see the light of day (At least for now)

Timesplitters 4
Dante's inferno 2
Darksiders 2
An announcement of the next oddworld game
Half life 2 Episode 3
Condemned 3

Those things will never happen me thinks :(

Anyway thanks for looking at the crappy first blog!

Now here come the trolls to rape my ass for sucking :D

(Btw if there are any grammar errors please tell me because I suck at english and typing. What can I say? I'm a newfag)
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