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Jonathan Holmes Zombie Marathon Results!


To start off I would like to thank Saphodravingo and Kauz for posting fundraising for Jonathan Holmes. If they had never posted on their blog�s about the robbery, I would have never thought to do a Zombie Marathon in the first place! A great thanks as well to everyone who has already donated before the marathon, you have already been a great help to Jonathan.

The marathon started off with some nutritional Yuengling, and bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys. The first few rounds were filled with random players who did not have a mic, or were below the age of 8. This went on for about an hour, and I lost hope of ever finding a good group.Then a miracle, a group of people who all had mics and over 8.

It took us awhile to warm up, because in the first three rounds never got past the 20th round. The fourth and final round that was played was best round of the night.We started working as a team, which lead us to 24 rounds of zombies. Not my best, but I had a lot of fun killing the zombie hordes for a good cause!

If you still have not donated for the marathon or for the robbery fund, you still can! Just go to your PayPal account and donate to [email protected]. Make sure in the comments you put down Johnathan Holmes, so that way they know it is for the fund. Again, thanks to every past, present, and future donation that is given. It's not the amount, but the fact that you donate. Thanks
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