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Aaamaazing!: Devilish, Stylish!

I've been reflecting about Devil May Cry a lot nowadays, it's probably because of new Dante and how I think the series should've went through, I remember when I first heard about the series. I don't really remember the dates,but I remember that we had just gotten a PS2 and well, there was nothing fun on it. In fact I didn't really like gaming that much at that point, but one day my brother showed me a demo video for a game I still love and play through today and was probably the catalyst for my passion for gaming, Devil May Cry.

I'm not going to say that the action in front of me made me see the light. I don't even remember it! No, but a couple of days later we got it, although I was too distracted by my copy of Treasure Planet (the movie) to really care. I watched that once, then threw it away in the sea of crap that I never touched after one viewing, which also includes a Scooby-Doo game and a few movies. Then I decided that I give Devil May Cry a whirl, I casually inserted the disc, hoping it would be entertaining for a second or something. Oh, how I was wrong and oh, how I love being wrong on that thought.

I booted up the game and selected the diffculty, what I wasn't expecting was the fantastic and energetic cutscene, but what made it even awesomer was the fact that the main character was impaled on a sword and had a FREAKING motorbike getting hurled at him and somehow he got out of that situation. I loved those cutscenes, but I could never actually perform those kind of feats while controlling Dante. or even get a hit in for frick's sake!


I reacted in a manner that I wouldn't like to reveal, but I will say this I angrily shelved the game, letting it gather dust. Then I moved on to the Scooby-Doo game (you can kinda guess where that ended up), so I was basically left with nothing that I wanted to play, one day though my brother was battling Phantom, yes the one most first-time players of Devil May Cry call F&*(ING SPIDER! And to my extreme surprise my brother was getting owned. Then, seemingly out of the heavens, appeared something that my brother accepted.
The invitation to Easy Automatic Mode.

Now, most Devil May Cry players frown at anyone using Easy Automatic Mode, but the results were astounding, my brother was easily running circles around Phantom, I looked at what he was pressing and saw that he was just pressing one button ONE BUTTON! I tried that in normal mode and I got owned, so I was thinking What the hell is he doing that I'm not? Of course I was angry, but after my brother finished I asked him,
"How are you doing that?" my brother just gave me the controller and let me play and man, I couldn't put the controller down! I loved the fact that with one button I could own every piece of crap in the room and their mothers, but I wasn't being held by the hand and told what to do, but I loved even more the fact that I looked cool while doing it and man, was I hooked. I literally spent every moment I could stuck to the PS2, I couldn't care if my homework was a little cruddy or if I didn't brush my teeth (which I deepy regret now, although I won't change my choice if I had the chance), I was kicking ass and looking good at it!


I never ascended above the easy automatic diffculty, but the amazing thing about Devil May Cry was that I had probably played the thing in 10 times through in a year, but still I wanted play it again, for the stylish gameplay and devilish difficulty, even now I still play it on Dante Must Die! for fun.
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