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Spontaneous 3DS Giveaway On Justin.TV/Destructoid


Some of you may already be aware that our glorious patriarch, Niero, has been dangling a free 3DS to be given to a lucky one of the thousands of followers of Destructoid's live channel. The winner was drawn and.... after being contacted numerous times, he did not respond to claim his prize.
Therefore it has been ruled that a new winner will be chosen.

How exactly will a winner be chosen? Well, it has been a feeling around the community that the person who wins the 3DS should be a frequent/active member of the Destructoid/JTV community. So, for this second chance drawing, the aim will be focused on the hardcores. Some time between now and the regular air time of Mash Tactics tomorrow, 4pm PST, Jon Carnage and Pico Mause will go live and hold a swift contest to fairly determine the winner. The contest format will be announced only when the broadcast goes live.

Your best bet to catch this chance to win a free 3DS of your very own is to sign up on Justin.TV and follow Dtoid's live channel. Go to your settings and make sure you will be notified by email when Destructoid goes live. Then just keep your eye trained on that email.

Some of you may be saying "WTF?! So I gotta stay up all night?" or "But I have to work tomorrow. This is bullshit!". Consider the fact that if the first winner had claimed his prize, nobody would have any chance of winning now. So chill, bro.

The best of luck to all of you, but mostly to me (I want it too!).

EDIT: 4/15/2011 - 5:40: The contest was held and long-time Destructoid Live viewer Bluuuuuuu was chosen as the winner! The contest was to submit a number guess between 1-1,000. The correct answer was 297. Bluuuuuuu won with the amazingly close guess of 300! Gratz, Bluuuuuuu!
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