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SOCOM 4 Review

After having played SOCOM since the first version of the Navy Seals was released. I have to admit that I am completely dissatisfied with Zipper's latest attempt in this multi player version.

Zipper has apparently forgotten what SOCOM always has been, and what the mantra of SOCOM and the community has always looked forward too.

In this latest edition of SOCOM, the multi player is littered with Casual gamer/shooter arcade type attractions. XP point, are awarded for a multitude of achievements, and are necessary to unlock weapons components. SOCOM has never been anything less than a hard core, strategically skilled based shooter, without all the arcade amenities.

This is not a true based hard core shooter, but more like an attempt by Zipper to rebirth MAG with a touch of Call of Duty in mind. I shall hereby coin the phrase title for this game "Call of SOMAG", because SOCOM is by far the last name that would ever come to mind when looking or even playing this game.

In short, any true SOCOM took months if not a year or so to beat, this game is beatable in a matter of weeks, which thereby puts this game as a casual shooter and not what true SOCOM fans have always known SOCOM to be, "A Hardcore, Skilled Strategy Based Shooter".
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