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everything is completely normal on Steam today


livestream solving our way to salvation, Steam just went down and came back up for air


i don't have a lot of time to say anything else, it's happening faster than feedback can take

for anyone late to this party: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/gpb1h/so_the_portal_2_arg_just_got_a_lot_more/
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your author's name is aaron vaughn, and right now i'm nobody special. i have half a foot inside the video games industry writing for Gaming-Age.com and a lot to say about it

i made a blog for little insights so that i don't get lazy. it might even help me get a job, if i do things right. i don't want to be the next hero, but i do want to be a regular guy with regular opinions and a realistic bullshit detector. less of a video game critic and more of an analyst, it's my self-appointed job to help prune the industry's marketing and fluff away from its true core

you know, an idealist

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