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Digital Mind in the Analog World

This is the brain of a gamer. More accurately, it is the brain of Andy Astruc, a human being of slight build and not inconsiderable height. Known to the dusty tubes of the internet as Zwuh. Iím an Australian, but not a very good one, considering I moved in with its sexy cousin, New Zealand. My eyes change colour depending on the day. I am an atheist, a vegetarian, an artist, a writer, a madman, an alien, a wall-flower, a loudmouth, a nerd, a super-villain and a unicorn. The following probably sum it up best, though.

Eater of Worlds. Iím one of those terrible, pretentious people. The ones who moan about the importance of narrative in entertainment. The ones who donít like to play games without stories, and will happily play a mediocre game with a good plot.

Storytelling is the most amazing and creative act human beings are capable of. The genesis of a fully-formed and functional fiction from the void. Worlds where literally anything is possible. Like an explorer discovering a new world, ripe with adventure and exotic breasts, I love to dive into as many different universes as possible and experience them firsthand.

And with every adventure, with every new universe and shiny new character, you learn a little bit about the real world. And yourself, of course. Thatís why games are so valuable, they not only allow us to be told about experiences, they let us participate. Little kids have the right idea, playing doctor and having fake sword fights, experimenting with the world. Gamers get to do that too, even if we generally take it for granted.

So thatís a little of what Iím about, I suppose. Pretentious wanker. I hope to do a few fun things with my blog, the main thing being a series called Playing the Fool, which will look at a selection of games I believe represent the best gaming has to offer... or at least the potential for greatness. Also I will kiss people on the mouth of you ask nicely. I love making new friends and enemies, and I love a good discussion.

I like Pokemon, Metal Gear, adventure games, RPGs (of the Western and Eastern variety), Valve products, Minecraft and about a billion others.

Hello World.
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About Andy Astrucone of us since 9:08 PM on 03.21.2010

Currently playing... LA Noire, Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, No More Heroes, Overlord, Minecraft.

Geek. Dork. Nerd. Rock Star. Writer. Gamer. Watcher. Consumer of Milk Products.

My name is Andy, and I've been gaming since I was a very small boy. But I'm much taller now. Currently living in Wellington, New Zealand, which is like living inside a very culturally diverse tornado. Married to a girl named Rachel who stabs and bites me a lot.

I have a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation 2. When on the move, or in bed, I also have a DSlite. In the past I have fondled a NES, Genesis (okay, I played with my cousin's), Atari 2600 and PSX. Video games have been a major part of my life forever, but now I also write professionally about them. Also unprofessionally. I love to talk games and play games. LOVE ME.


Mass Effect
Red Dead Redemption
Left 4 Dead
Half Life
DJ Hero
Persona 3/4
Final Fantasy VIII/IX/X/XII
Vagrant Story
Dragon Age
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Lost Odyssey


Dead Geek Circus
My official website wherein I blog about stuff that isn't (always) related to video games, such as reviews of television and movies, yelling about life and mentioning cool shite. It also contains - theoretically - my webcomics and other junk.

Twitter. I say things on it that would blow your mind bombs.
Xbox LIVE:Zwuh
Steam ID:Zwuhz


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