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Zombies Marathon For Jonathan Holmes


If you don�t already know, I usually host a game once a week on Friday Night Fights 360. This week i�ll be hosting one amazing game of Black Ops: Zombies at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. I will need a few good men (and women) to play in this amazing marathon for Jonathan Holmes. If you can�t join the game on Friday, don�t worry you can still participate by making a pledge.

The marathon will last until we get to drunk to play, or pass out on the sofa. What makes this fun for everyone is that your pledge is based off the best round we have. Lets say we make it to round 40 and you pledge $0.50 that means you donate $20($0.50*40=$20). Now, I am not asking people to put down their pledges. This is because I want this marathon to be about how many people donated, and not how much money was donated. Really, you can donate as much as you would like, but the pledge aspect makes it more fun for the people at home. Just to be warned I have made it to round 38 so choose your pledge wisely.

I will be posting a follow up post to this as well. After the marathon, i�ll post a new forum thread with the highest round. Now you do not have to do this, but I would like people who actually donate after the marathon to just post on the forum just saying that they did. In the post recap i�ll list the names of the people who participated in the marathon plus all the people who donated. As I said before, this is about how many people donate, not about how much money is given. Please, do not be an ass and post that you did donate when you actually did not, because then i�ll look like an ass for posting misleading donations.

Above all I want everyone to have fun at the next Black:Ops Zombies marathon for Jonathan Holmes!
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