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(NVGR) Superhero Movie Showdown � 2011 Summer Edition


Captain America: The First Avenger
Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones

Basic Idea: After the military decided he was too physically unable to serve his country, Steve Rogers (Evans) gets enlisted in a top secret project designed to create the ultimate super soldier. The experiment transforms him into Captain America and, with his new abilities and super shield, sends him on the path to defending his country from the threat of Nazis and Hyrda, including his nemesis The Red Skull (Weaving).

My thougths: I admit, I was extremely worried about this movie when I found out that Chris �Human Torch� Evans was cast as Steve Rogers. But after seeing the theatrical trailer for this movie I have to say hell fuckin yeah!. The trailer for this movie pulled me into everything in the same way the first trailer for Iron Man yanked me in, and Captain America seems to have some of the same appeal that the original Tony Stark film had. After bulking up a crapload for the role, Evans looks like he�s going to be perfectly fine as Rogers and doesn�t seem to be hamming up the role like he did with Johnny in Fantastic Four. This movie looks like it really has a lot of what I wanted; some good period piece action, the Howling Commandoes, Howard Stark rocking some 40�s pimp shades, and Cap giving some people some chronic jaw pains from direct shield-to-face energy transfer. Plus, even though he�s barely in the trailer, Hugo Weaving is playing the role of The Red Skull. That alone pretty much has me getting a seat for this movie since Weaving is an awesome and underappreciated actor whom also played the main villain in my favorite movie ever.

Level of Optimism: 9 out of 10
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