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A Sort of Sword & Sworcery EP Review

Before we begin, give yourself a pat on the back for owning an iPad. Feels good, amirite? Our day of reckoning has come. Sword and Sworcery EP is great, but I hesitate to call it a great �game�. It�s swo much more than that and deserves a better classification. Allow me to get academic with you a moment. It�s a great �art-thing�, yeah, let�s go with that. I feel much better now. Problem solved.

Sword and Sorcery EP is a handsome art-thing with pretty pictures and pretty sound/music. It is a wholly new experience I am a better man for having experienced. It taught me so much about life and the cosmos. I frequently boot out of the game to go on Swafari (I like to have fun with letters, too) and look up things like �metaphysics�, �cosmic design�, and �lunar calendar�. It makes you want to use phrases like "hauntingly beautiful".

It�s that killer platform-defining app you�re going to show off to your unconverted friends, family, and acquaintances. I frequently haunt Starbucks and Barnes and Noble for hours, crank the brightness and sound up, and play the art-thing in a spot where the screen is most visible and wait for people to ask what it is and compliment me on how cool it is. It makes me feel good when they say they don�t own an iPad.

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