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Aaamaazing: Videogames Enter 3 Dimensions (in 1996)


THE FUN MACHINE, or considering how much sleep it robbed me of it should be called THE CRACK MACHINE

A few months later my buddy got an N64 and we stayed up all night playing Mario 64. It was the first time I can remember being just as happy watching someone else play as when I was in control. Discovering things like the penguin race, flying to the top of the pyramid in Shifting Sands, the first time we grabbed Bowser's tail and flung him out of the ring; it was a transcendent experience. Sure, time has dulled the impact of first playing it but to this day Super Mario 64 has one of the most fully realized 3D environments ever created. The world is so expertly designed I will never get tired of exploring it. With each generation's subsequent upgrade of graphics and control types games are looking and playing closer and closer to real life but nothing again will ever leave me in awe like the first time I popped out of that pipe and took my first tentative steps towards Peach's castle.

Of course, it wasn't ALL perfect
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