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I am coo-coo for Minecraft puffs!

I have been incredibly busy for the second week in a row now (hence last week's blog), thus preventing me from writing another post. So, I may just stick to dedicated Sunday evening posts with a few random ones trickled in for good measure. If you read last week's, however, it was filled with questions of Minecraft and why it is so wildly renown. I won't plug last week's blog, but my questions were answered.

I am now addicted, something Lindsay Lohan can't seem to admit.

Why? I can answer that easily. You can build anything. I played my first night with the easy difficulty, and I was annoyed at how I kept having to worry about monsters. So, I turned it down to peaceful, and voila. I am enjoying hours of free-roaming fun with all the building materials I could ask for. After building a house, an outhouse, a beach house, and beginning construction on a castle, I don't understand why illegal immigrants are sadly exploited for their work by resounding capitalists. Building my own stuff is fun!

Unfortunately, I have not managed to take pictures of anything yet, but that is coming next week. I have lost every single hour I have not been busy with papers and exams to Minecraft. It is a world of endless possibility. I am not playing on multiplayer, so I have my own entire world with just me that I can sculpt or destroy however I want to. It is a land of bliss, in a way. My own paradise that I can decide how it looks or what's in it, explore it, or just hang out for a little bit, chilling out from reality. That is one of the main two ultimate video game purposes: to indulge the player in an alternate role apart from their own that may or may not be realistically feasible, and to give the player a retreat from life that both entertains and/or emotes.

That is all for tonight. Next week I will include pictures, and I will try to describe why I actually like Dragon Age II, despite the bad reviews.
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