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Blog Between Blogs: Shiny Drilbur Edition


And now for some bullet points, because hell yeah:

� I�m going to buy the fuck out of Dragon Age 2 after Portal 2, and I�m going to shag the fuck out of Isabella, with a female Hawke. Crude? Maybe. Giving a fuck? Nope.

� While we�re on Dragon Age 2, I�m probably the only person who thinks the console version is better than the PC version (along with thinking the game is good at all).

Crysis 2 seems to be something I should pick up. I mean, I�ve got this new graphics card, might as well use it.

� Fuck Shogun 2. And it�s optimized for Intel 2nd Gen Chips

� When is Torchlight 2 coming out?

� I almost forgot about Brink, but yeah, that�s happing in May. I wish it was May and I had 60 extra dollars.

� Should I go about completing FarCry 2? I played about five minutes after I bought it from a Steam Sale, and haven�t touched it since. Am I doing a disservice?

� Wholly shit that�s a lot of 2�s, let�s throw some three�s up in this bitch.

DiRT 3 is something I�m still excited for. I hope my PC can run it, but if not, I�ll get it for my PS3 and enjoy the hell out of it. DiRT2 was amazing, and I can�t wait to try out the new racing modes in DiRT 3.

� Would any of you be up for a Saturday Morning FNF Aftermath Podcast? We�d join the FNF crews together for a morning/Afternoon of hangover talking and recalling the past nights events. We�d argue about who�s the better Sagat player, how are favorite multiplayer games are handling, what are current single player addictions, Demon Souls. Stuff like that.

Well, that was my last clip. Join me next time as I do another one of these because I like doing them because they�re easier to do than singular ideas, although I should have a fleshed out singular idea soon. Who knows? You will, if you stay tuned. -dramatic backdrop lighting and music-

Hook, line and sinker.
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