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Voyaging to E3 and Beyond with Kmart

The video game industry does not simply need more voices. It needs new voices. As an adult
and life-long gamer, I love video games for where they have come from, where they are, and I love video
games especially for where they are going. I want to play a part in the maturation and vision that will
lead video games beyond the perception of being big kid toys into the strongest medium for story-telling

I could give you my life-long story of how video games were introduced into my life at a young
age, and how certain titles affected me or played a part in my life. However, I likely share a similar story with many other gamers. My story is no more or less valid than any of theirs. My enthusiasms for Super Mario Brothers, Tecmo Bowl, Oddworld, Silent Hill, ICO, Mass Effect, etc. are kindred with thousands of other gamers.

I offer my passion, skill, life-experience, and love of learning that could be beneficial to the
industry. Video games will continue to grow, but I also want them to mature. There is so much more
that we can pursue with interactivity, and I want to play any part I can to direct it towards being used as
a powerful canvas for story-telling.

This is why I want to go to E3. I long to learn more about how the game industry works and find
the role that I can play in it. It is easy to sit on the side and speculate about video games, but to get a
glimpse of that world with K-Mart at E3 would be life- and game-changing.[img]
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