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Technical Difficulties: Super Meat Boy is the Perfect Difficulty


Now some of you might find this game to be needlessly hard but most of the games that we have come to love are hard without warning. Super Meat Boy for the most part shows you all the obstacles you will face and some levels are even on one screen (and the hardest ones usually are on one screen). You usually get caught off guard the first couple of runs, but since death is okay your not afraid just to die to learn the level. Mega Man probably my favorite series of all time is never a fair game because it never warns you. Most of the time I'll be minding your own business and then �bam� random robotic bird drops a rock on my head and I plummet to my death. Jump a gap, and I get shot from across the screen which leads to another cheap death. Mega Man 9 and 10 pushed my patients and frustrated me to the point of no return. I beat both of these games and never returned to play them again just because I found myself dying because of the games extreme difficulty. The problem is death is something to be avoided at all costs because once your lose all your lives its back to the beginning. I felt proud to beat Mega Man 9 and 10, but still fear the games difficulty to ever play them again.

Super Meat Boy has changed the way I view difficulty in games. It has taught me to never assume what I see is as difficult. It has shown me that all along I have had to skill to overcome any saw that comes in my way. I say thanks Team Meat for showing me a lesson in the school of hard knocks. Yes, It took me a good two hours to beat The Kid�s level but never once did I feel like throwing my control full force at the screen.
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