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My homefront.

Its an early morning in April in Louisiana,even though the days heat is suffocating.The fabric of my clothes clings to me with the perspiration accumulated from the hike through the dense underbrush of the pine forest. I check my trip lines and my gear one last time , then look down at my watch, the small convoy should be rolling through soon.I lay down on a spot of dead leaves over look the highway 1077 as I hear the vehicles crawling down my road like they own it , they are severely mistaken. I take out the picture of my wife and whisper "All for you." as the first vehicle, a small light skinned jeep, hits my first I.E.D. The rest of the convoy halts and soldiers flood out of the APCs.I detonate my second explosion and the last jeep explodes into a brilliant fireball.Now the soldiers are scattering like ants disrupted from there trail , running and screaming.I grasp my grandfathers .30-06 as tall man steps calmly out of a well armed APC. He stripes catch my eye like a bright morning , this is the one I thought to my self , the one who killed her.I line up his ugly face in my cross-hairs, and unmercifully.the shot connect and I can see all the eyes turn towards me yelling out and pointing.The shots rained down around me as I hastily tired to run , the cannons loud as the fourth of July celebrations of my child hood. I weave in and out of the pine trees and the thorn bushes protest my path.I hear the voices closing in on me ,prefect I think. The voices turn to scream as the platoon hits the forest edge.The whole sky it seems was ablaze with the orange glow from the explosion.I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to a small motor bike hidden in the bushes and speed off into the morning fog,Now I can rest in peace.
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