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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Episode 5

What the hell are you reading my intro for?

Radiata Stories - Just About Any Cutscene Wherein Jack Gets To Be An Ass

Radiata Stories is a brilliant, but flawed title. One of the best features in it, however, is its character design, interactions, and hilarity overall. Among the best is the main character, Jack Russell. He is an ASS. The best part is it doesn't feel his character is forced either. This is one of many scenes where he acts like an ass and is enjoyable. If anything, he's one of the main reasons to play this title.

Sure, there's also the vibrant and colorful graphics, good music, the ability to recruit about 300 different characters, and so on, but I'd still say he's the primary reason.

Persona 3 Opening

As much as P3 is a great game, it's also one that's all over the place. The constant shift from managing your school and social activities to fighting the monsters of the night and the everlooming threat of the shadows is a very interesting concept to be sure, but often you don't quite know what the game is aiming at or if it's trying to be everything.

This isn't a bad thing, but the intro here, while amazing and very creepy, doesn't entirely describe the game...and yet it does...if that makes any sense at all. Beyond the actual pre-game intro, this is one of my favorite cutscenes. Could be that I've also not gotten terribly far into the game, but this is still one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite.

The Darkness Opening

Created by Starbreeze Studios, The Darkness is a clever, fun, and at times tough FPS that is undeniably creepy, dark, and immersive. Of course, Starbreeze never fails to impress in terms of immersion. They're the same motherfuckers that did the Riddick games, after all. There are a lot of great cutscenes in this game, but I think this is easily my favorite.

Disgaea - Laharl Fights Mid-Boss, Mid-Boss Gets Trounced

Final Fantasy Tactics was my favorite SRPG...until this one. Disgaea is hilarious, complex, difficult, and grind-intensive. It's an incredibly addictive game and the humor is just icing on the cake. Sadly, this is only the first part of the scene I wanted to talk about, but it should give you a general idea of the game. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy 7 - Bike Scene/Leaving Midgar

The president of Shinra is dead, his son's an asshole and just got stomped, Avalanche is fucked, and Sephiroth is on the run. It's time to leave Midgar, but you can't very well just walk out the front door, can you? HELL NAW. We gotta leave in STYLE. Cloud and the gang suit up and BUST out the front of the Midgar building. Also featured, but not in this vid, is a bike chase minigame, then an awesome boss fight, then you finally get to leave and see just how massive this world is...which is truly amazing given how much life and depth was already put into Midgar.

And yes, this is one of the many reasons I still love FF7.


Took me a while to crank this one out and I definitely apologize for that. The major problem has been trying to find certain vids on youtube. I'll try to get a new one out quicker, but I'm still working on Semi-Annoyed Videogame Nerd as well, so it might be a while. Until next time!
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