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Pokemon Black Review


Pokemon Black and White take place in The Unova Region, which is entirely isolated from all the other regions. I picked up a smug little Snivy, as I'm a Grass type lover, and off I went. The first thing you realise is the improvement on the 3D models. Now, everything but character sprites pop out, giving it a fresh, but somewhat retro feel. The next thing I saw was the new look for battles. The sprites now move while your choosing your move, so it's not like to puppets fighting. Also, there's a 3D battlefield, and a moving camera, which all makes battling that much more climactic. Everything in the game looks smoother and better detailed, from the sprites to the bulidings.

My favourite part about the game is that you won't see Pikachu and Zubat in the game. Every Pokemon you see will be completely new to you, giving you the challenge of figuring out for yourself how to combat them and which Pokemon are best to catch and train. There's 156 new kids on the block, bringing the Pokedex to a grand total of 649 Pokemon!

All the new environments and Pokemon are great, other than a couple crap Pokemon, which you get every Generation. The new areas are very diverse, from big cities with Skyscrapers in the clouds, to barren, dry deserts.

Also, there's a fabulous Pokemon Musical. The Pokemon Musical is for those who have a soft spot for cute Pokemon. Your done with it in 10 minutes, but it's a nice little thing for those who like to dress up Pokemon, and those people will probably get more out of it.

The story is the deepest and the most mature of any Pokemon game. With a slightly older trainer, it's a whole lot different. I won't go into great detail, but Team Plasma are the first of the evil teams who have a real goal which isn't truly evil. You've got 3 Rivals in this: 2 who are kinda' like the past rivals (You know, close friends, they go off on their journey at the same time as you with a starter and constantly have random battles with you), and a guy named N who proves to be the first rival to play a big part in the story, but I won't spoil how. But, while I said it was more mature, don't expect it to be an epic, story heavy game.

The most midblowing moment was running across the birdge to Castelia City, while the camera moves around, giving you amazing views of the bridge. Castelia City itself is huge, bigger than any other city in Pokemon.

The difference between Black and White are a little more than other Pokemon versions. Some cities in White have an ancient look, while in Black, some cities have a futuristic look. They both have their own exclusive area. White has a forest, and Black has a city.

The Wi-Fi has been improved, so if you have DSi, or,when it's out, a 3DS, you don't need to put down the security to go online, and you get some other exclusive stuff if played on The DSi, like Video Chat.

One of the best touches to the game is the seasons. It's Autumn now, so I've been seeing trees of Red, Orange and Brown, while during winter, It's snowy or rainy in some areas, etc. I fiddled with the calendar to check out. each season, and each one was unique and cool.

Most importantly, this game is pure fun! The battling is excting as usual, and it's great to see how your new Pokemon go up against the trainers of Unova.

Final Comments
Pokemon Black is the best original Pokemon experince I've had since Silver. Everything's been freshened up and redone. Anyone can get something out of this.

+Lots and Lots of new stuff
+All New Pokemon
+Has some neat little touches
+Just Plain Fun
+Great new Pokemon.......
-.......And a couple crap Pokemon
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