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Indie developer Nifflas Video interview

Hey guys, check out my 3 part interview I did with Nicklas Nygren also known as Nifflas , the guy behind the Knytt games , Saira , FiNCK and most recently Nightsky!
First I would like to apologize , this interview is way over due, and itīs been collecting dust on my hard drive for a while now thanks to countless video editing programs issues and laziness and other things I have absolutely no control over. But now is the time to rejoice fellow dtoiders, becouse itīs finally done itīs finally out on the internet! *pant* *pant*

Ok so I should probably begin with the how all of this started. Iīve been a big fan of Nicklas games ever since I first played one of his earlier games Knytt which you can download for free from his website http://nifflas.ni2.se/. The ambient electronic tunes and the unique and minimal art style combined with clever platforming levels and non linear gameplay all came together so beautifully and created a wonderful place in my head where I could escape to whenever I felt like and just chill out. And the same things applied to his later games too. Whenever I hear his or music similar to his my imagination runs wild and I can cry/laugh or dance just by listening to music like his. When I played his newest game Nightsky I seriously got tears in my eyes just by the mental images I conjured up by rolling around in his desolate world and listening to experimental musician Chris Slarbīs ambient tunes, I love it but others might not. But if you are like me there is something very unique to experience in Nicklas games, and thereīs just no other game out there that I know of that can resemble it. And when I finally got to meet him he turned out to be a very intelligent and cool guy, kind of like the big brother or older cool friend that you always wanted. Creepy I know but enough about my rants over how much I look up to this guy, letīs get to how it all began.

A while ago I felt like supporting the guy by buying one of his awesome shirts, but before I did I sent him a curious mail asking where in Sweden he shipped them from because I had my suspicions that he lived in the north like me thanks to the nature in some of his games and a mysterious level in Nightsky . And as I thought he lived in the same small town as me, and not only that, he lived really close to my house too! Needless to say I went bonkers.

With my newfound information I sent him an email saying that I could come over and pick the t-shirt up personally and in it I also asked him if he wanted to do a video interview with me for a gaming website with an awesome community. I waited for his reply with needles up my butt. And when he answered yes I got so excited that I immediately dusted off my video camera and started writing down questions, I spent nights thinking about what to ask and I even posted two c-blogs asking Dtoiders to help me with questions. And they where great, the video starts off with a question from Rexwolf2 and I think I featured all of them in my video, if not Iīm deeply sorry, some of them even generated some priceless reactions, just take a look at Nicklas troubled face at the end of part 2 when I ask him Dynamo Joeīs question about the answer to life, poor guy, he really tried.
I also want to say that I only slept like 2 hours the night before and I was really excited so that could be the reason that most of my responses are phrased in the form of giggles.

But hey, the interview was fun and we discussed some surprisingly deep and interesting things. Below are some things we talked about in each part.
In part 1 we talk about Nightsky and we take a look on his a game that he is working on that is a blend between Within a deep forest and Knytt, it looks amazing!

In part 2 he shows us how the Nightsky level editor, encourages people to hack together a better editor themselves and we discuss if itīs true that inde devīs has to sell their organs to survive. We also talk about another new game that he is releasing together with a documentary about alchemists, The great work.

And part 3 is mostly flash round questions from Dtoiders, and talk about female protagonists ( I bet Elsa will enjoy it ). We also discuss if he would hop on the money train at Activision or any other big video game company.

Anyways I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! And thanks to the awesome Dtoid community I probably wouldn’t have done this without you guys! xD I want to thank Rexwolf2 especially much for pushing me to finish it , thanks dude youīre radical! All the people who contributed with questions are credited at the end of part 3 ! Thanks guys!
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