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TSG Literally Catching them All this Friday


The Speed Gamers are a group of gamers who are basically giving all of us a good name by doing what we all love most: Gaming. You see, The Speed Gamers deprive themselves of sleep and endures marathon runs in order to raise money for charity. Most of us do it just because its in our nature.

Somewhere in Arlington, Texas, The Speed Gamers came together for the first time on March 14th with a marathon of Zelda games. Since then, Britt Lariviere has been gathering his friends together in for three years, turning their hobby into something more. Just last December, the group raised over $10,000 for the Best Friends Animal Society in a Kingdom Hearts marathon that spanned the entire series and lasted only 72 hours. Even more impressive is that they've raised more than a quarter of a million in the time that they've been active. That's a lot of charity, especially for playing video games.

To celebrate the new Pokemon games, the group decided on playing the first two generations of Pokemon to benefit the ALSA. I was lucky enough to catch Britt, the founding member, for an interview regarding The Speed Gamers and the upcoming Marathon:

Like Destructoid, The Speed Gamers are an integral and important part of the gaming community as a whole; they represent us. Because of this, we need to support them for the good that they do. Even if you can't donate money, you can check out their website, make the effort to spread the word, and tune in March 11th through the 14th (this Friday through Monday) to watch their Pokemon Classics marathon.
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