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Call of Duty:Black Ops has a Community?


If Black Ops were to become a place of community it should take the model of Team Fortress 2. Valve highlights the community as whole rather than the player. Valve usually in their updates highlights players having fun together rather than a single players domination of the game. My friend Steven is what I would call a good example of a community man. He helps post videos to help less experienced players get better such as guides to playing demoman, heavy, and medic. There are a few self help Black Ops videos out their but hard to find. The community is more concerned with a single players perfect round at the moment rather then a teams perfect round.

We can take back Black Ops and claim it back for the community but it will take time. Educating new players is the first step to bringing the community back into Black Ops. If you teach the new players a new trick they did not know or how to act like a team then they will appreciate the team. Second don�t let experienced players put down the team lose. People can take this game way to seriously and have to realize there is more to life then being in first place. Calling people derogatory names serves no purpose but their own. Let them know that their remarks not only hurt themselves but proves to other people that video games are a hurtful place. Third post videos that show the team win not just yourself. Someone out their has to have that one domination video where there team wins some ridiculous odd like 100-10. If you have some knowledge that other players might not have post some tip videos on how to play the game.

Treyarch has to do their part as well. They can�t put an end to hurtful language but they could at least come out and say �calling other gamers a fag is wrong.� Treyarch won�t crack down on this because they make money off these people. The only thing that would make Treyarch respond to this is if Activision lost money because of these gamers. Bobby Kotick already has what he wants from us we have to show him that we mean business or we will leave for good.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great game. The new First Strike DLC is actually decent and shows off the talent of Treyarch. When I actually got to have fun playing online it was amazing and wish the fun wouldn�t stop. Lets just hope that the enjoyment every Black Ops player has can be transferred into a lasting community.
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