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Groundhog Day: Holes in the Ground


I�ve come back to this game time and again because on every occasion I was met with some grand new adventure, some fantastic tale woven around the same theme, strung along by the same characters, but original in every word. I can tell you about that time I blew up a vampire or crushed a giant spider with an equally huge rock or got killed by a ghost trying to jump my way out of a snake pit.

The point isn�t so much that any one of these experiences is phenomenal on its own. Make no mistake, they are. I am a vampire-slaying bring of whip-bound vengeance. However, a much better notion to take away is that of the ever-emerging adventure offered by the game. Every fresh attempt is, without fail, met by something new, something which the player has never encountered before. The magic of the game, and procedurally content in general, is that the game can create, tirelessly, as long as the player is interested.

I�ll offer the caveat that throwing a whackton of content at the player is not enough to make a game enjoyable. Spelunky succeeds because Yu capitalizes on the bounty by backing it with strong, comprehensive core mechanics. The game world is unified in theme and action and the importance of that can�t be understated. However, in my mind, Spelunky is a wonder not just because you can jump about and whip to your heart�s content, but because going in, you�re never quite sure what it is you�re going to be jumping on or whipping at. I love Spelunky because the game I come back to is never the same as the one I left behind.
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