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CNN is full of crap, games are immature

I would like to alert everyone to a stupid article posted on CNN. OK, it's well thought out and pretty good arguments, but I just can't get behind the basic point.

Basically, Mr. Gallaga (irony) believes that the "disturbing trend" of videogames killing children ought to be stopped. He cites examples like Dead Space, Dead Island, Bioshock, and Heavy Rain, all of which run against his parenting instincts. Stupid CNN won't accept my password so I can't post a scathing remark. You guys take care of it for me, OK?

Basically, Gallaga has a problem with children dying and thinks it's desensitizing people. Personally, I disagree. The only example I can personally relate to is Dead Space [2]. The story was tremendously gripping (do not debate this in the comments, please. Not the place) and including the children made perfect sense. I will grant that most of the time I treated them like the little monsters they were (the did not look human in the least), but the daycare center hit me pretty hard. Perhaps if a transformation scene was included, it would really hit players that these are human kids they're being forced to kill -- or maybe it would just offend Mr. Gallaga's sensibilities.

Gallaga is also disturbed that "Perhaps developers, many of whom have kids of their own, are exploring their own fears as they build complex, dark game narratives..." Apparently, he's in the camp of "Videogames are toys and can't explore serious issues." Personally, I think a game like that would be very interesting, and only disturbing in the sense that it could highlight problems in society that would give me nightmares.

Finally, Gallaga states "When such depictions [killing children] are presented in an artful, entertaining way, video game advocates are put in a position of defending content that might be less palatable in other mediums." I don't get what he's saying here - that videogames tackle stuff other mediums won't, and don't get flack for it? If so, he is sorely mistaken. Do I really have to provide examples here?

Anyways - that's my take on the matter. Gotta run, or this would be more detailed. Please share your thoughts, especially if your name is Omar Gallaga.
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